I dislike road trips, but Hyams Beach is always worth the journey. Them short summer getaways has never been better as the weather was ever so perfect for those many dips in that crystal clear water & laid back periods in that fine white sand. Blue, blue, blue.. there was not a single cloud in the sky. Looking out beyond horizons & seeing shades of blue truly felt like we had found paradise in our own backyard.

Matching that horizon is a dark blue ruffle-strapless bikini that I purchased from Paperscissors for only $12.00. I know, I couldn’t believe it myself when I saw the price tag. I’m one of those people who would always avoid strapless swimwear due to the assumption that they do not provide enough support, particularly for an area of the body that requires the utmost support. However, it was not long until I discovered that I’ve never been more wrong; they definitely do hold, quite well too I will add. Additionally, this style is perfectly comfortable & fashionable plus they don’t give you that string tan line around chest/neck areas so that’s a bonus in all areas.

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Bikini by PaperScissors

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