I’ve been asked about my fitness routine quite often this year. Though, when I do provide personal advice on the subject the most reoccurring response was ‘I don’t have time’. Let’s be honest here, if you really desire something then you can & will make time for it. So if we could just spend less time on coming up with excuses then maybe more can be done within that ‘time’. Put aside the things that occur out of our control & focus on the time that we can control & thus, using that period to work on ourselves because achieving a toned flat stomach is a combination of; (1) regular exercise & (2) diet.

(1) Regular Exercise

Performing regular exercise is a huge commitment as it takes time to adjust; mentally & physically. Though, do remember that it is about ‘quality’ & not ‘quantity‘ so you don’t necessarily have to spend a great amount of time per session. If you only have 10 minutes then 10 minutes it is. My workouts are usually 30 minutes tops, but for when I only have 10 minutes then it’s power workout. Below is ONE of my current core routines, I’ve been doing these exercises regularly & so far it has gotten me them flat abs. I certainly had a hard time when I first started so don’t beat yourself up if you struggle to complete this cycle. Progress takes time so please ‘take your time’, let your body adjust & always remember to breathe. The number of repetitions & amount of weights are what I am currently doing/using. Do not feel pressured to use the exact numbers, but do try to apply minimal weights where necessary & increase as you progress for strength training.  Also, please ensure that you have sufficient knowledge of how to correctly perform these exercises before attempting to prevent injuries.

Get your heart pumping with a 2 minute sprint then commence the following workout routine, allowing 10 seconds rest between each exercise.


Heel Touchers x 30 REPS


Straight Leg Jacknifes x 20 Reps (5kg)



Mountain Climbers x 40 Reps 

russiantwistRussian Twists x 20 Reps (6kg) 


Jump Squats x 20 Reps (5kg) 


Bicycle Crunches x 20 Reps 


(2) ‘Diet’

Although, performing regular exercise will lead you to achieving a toned flat stomach, but if your diet is no good then you’ll be setting yourself up for failure. When I say ‘diet’ I don’t mean converting yourself to strict dietary limitations. A healthy diet aka eating style simply means being able to balance your daily intakes; consuming a wide variety of foods/drinks that will enable you to feel good on the inside-out. However, it also means not to indulge yourself with everything in sight. It’s important to identify what you like/don’t like so you can create an realistic eating plan that suits you. I started off with ‘to include fruits & or vegetables in every meal’ which now just comes naturally as this routine has become a habit of mine. As I’ve become more fit my body began to reject junk food, however that doesn’t mean that I eat clean all the time; balance is key. Many people I know have undertaken diet plans that has short time frames, yet promises ‘quick’ results that often include taking weight loss shakes &/not eating regularly or at all for the matter. Not only are you cheating your way through progress, but you are literally ‘torturing’ yourself. Try adding one healthy ingredient to your daily meals & adjust from there. If you don’t like to ‘eat’ certain foods then shake/juice it, be creative!

Wens x


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