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Smoothies are a great blend of nutrition as they offer a convenient way to boost both the quantity & quality of fruit & vegetable intake by reducing food particle size to help maximize nutrient absorption. I love eating fruits & vegetables, but that doesn’t mean that I will ‘eat’ them all the time. There are times where I get lazy, particularly when I’m caught in a rush & simply do not have time to consume the quantity desired. Other times, I will immediately get tired of constantly munching on an apple after an apple, but juicing it or blending it makes it so much easier to consume. This was why I started drinking smoothies & have become a smoothie nut since.

I have always had a thirst for smoothies so anything that is fruity or green would without a doubt be my first choice of beverage. Smoothies are everywhere nowadays & drinking them is a great trend in health. It’s light, delicious & good for you so it makes sense. Buying smoothies were a daily routine for me, but paying $5.00AUD or more for a standard size smoothie every time became a costly habit. The portion you receive vs. the amount you pay for is far from equivalent, not to mention how much sugar-syrup is added to it just to enhance flavour. I started creating my own recipes instead which is so much more tasty (even with no added sugar) & cheaper for larger portions than what is handed to you at them juice bars, winning! I have them as part of my breakfast, throughout the day &/or even sometimes at night after dinner or the gym.

Of course there will be some fruits & vegetables that you may find it difficult to consume possibly due to taste &/or texture. Kale, banana, carrot, spinach, celery & apple are definitely those on my ‘cannot stand chewing’ list which is why I often blend/juice them with a combination of other fruits/vegetables to create a fresh new taste so that I can still include them in my diet. You don’t need to be an expert of any kind to make good smoothies. All you need is a good blender, an imagination & quality ingredients. Here are some of my simple & easy ideas that you can try out at home & of course alter according to your interest;

Watermelon / Mango / Strawberry / Passionfruit (topping)
Watermelon / Strawberry / Mint / Coconut Water
   Banana / Spinach or Kale / Greek Yoghurt / Almond Milk / Honey
  Mix Berries / Greek Yoghurt / Almond Milk / Chia Seeds (topping)
  Apple / Banana / Rolled Oats / Almond Milk / Peanut Butter / Maple Syrup or Honey
  Banana / Peanut Butter / Greek Yoghurt / Soy Milk / Honey
  Mango / Orange / Banana / Almond Milk / Chia Seeds (topping)




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