1. Claypot Rice 

I watched a travel documentary that listed Geylang Claypot Rice as one of the ‘should visit’ places to eat in Singapore so what did I do, I searched this place up. The food here was much more costly than your average ‘local food’ & service was definitely not as fast which was advised prior to our visit. We ordered; (1) claypot rice; a signature dish which had marinated chicken pieces, Chinese sausages, waxed pork & bits of fragrant salted fish, (2) Hong Kong Style Steamed live Soon Hock & (3) Stir-Fried French Beans with Shrimps. Be sure to expect a long wait for the claypot rice. We were advised that it would take about 25mins to prepare from scratch ..& it did. Although I did enjoy the food, I still believe it was a little overpriced.

2. Singaporean Chilli Crab

This restaurant was suggested to me by friends & I can honestly say that the Singaporean chilli crab at Jumbo Seafoood had me licking my fingers clean. Ok, so we ordered a number of other dishes, but they’re not worth mentioning or displaying hence back to the chilli crab! We ordered two crabs which was enough to put me in a messy, yet satisfying situation. Though, I must say it was rather costly in comparison to the prices back home in Australia. The size of the crabs were quite small & considering the price we paid, I was really hoping for them to be larger than what was presented.

3. Hainanese Chicken Rice

I have had this before in Australia & was traumatised because (1) I was told it was amazing (2) it was everything, but amazing so I hated boiled chicken ever since. However, I gave it another shot (in Singapore) & thank god I did because I absolutely loved it. I had this dish at (1) Boon Tong Kee & (2) Changi Airport – Terminal 4 & they both did not disappoint. Both locations had a consistency of tender & moist chicken along with the fragrant chicken rice.

4. Vegetarian Curries with Naan Bread

I’ve tried quite a number of Indian curries throughout my life & I got to say this was one of the best yet, & it was from Changi Airport! An airport! Who would have thought airport food would taste this good.

5. Fruit Juice/Shake

Anything fruity will always without a doubt be my first choice of beverage so when I saw these prices I could not contain my excitement so one was not enough; I tried three. This was from the Chinatown Street Market, there are many fruit shake stores so you will not have a difficult time locating one. Also, if you love fresh coconut water as much as I do then you’ll definitely find some in Little India. Our accommodation was right in the heart of Little India so fresh coconut water was highly accessible.

Tiong Bahru Market


Tiong Bahru Market, we got lost searching for this local food court, but it was definitely worth our while. The seats & tables here are not the most modern, but the place really do offer a variety of good local foods at really descent prices. I didn’t get the chance to try every single store, but here is a review on all the dishes that I did get the chance to taste.

1. Char Siew Wanton Noodles
Shop #02-60

Once service starts, the line is just never ending for this store & I could tell why. My favourite dish has got to be char siew (Chinese bbq pork) with wanton noodle & greens with oyster sauce. The textures & flavours are so familiar, yet so different to all those that I’ve tried; the best. 

2. Water Rice Cake
Shop #02-05

The Jian Bo Shui Kueh (water rice cake) is made from rice flour, steamed to a soft and creamy texture then topped with diced chye poh (preserved Chinese radish) & I suspect sesame oil. Although it was a little oily, I thought the flavours were balanced; it’s sweet, light, yet salty & slightly nutty.


3. Xiao Long Bao Dumplings & Szechuan Wontons
Shop #02-30 

Thee Xia Long Bao aka colourful skin dumplings add a little colour to your average single-colour boring dumplings. Although I don’t recall any significant taste associated to each colour, none the less they were light & delicious. The Szechuan wontons; in hot & sour vinegar & chili oil sauce were addictive! I did not get bored whatsoever after having a few of these I could tell you that, I wanted more.

IMG_4321 dumplings

4. Beef Tendon Noodle Soup
Shop #35

A Chinese & Taiwanese noodle soup made from red braised beef, beef broth served with beef tendons & flat rice noodles. You could tell that the beef & tendon had been very well slow-cooked as it breaks in your mouth. However, I did find the texture & taste of the soup to be a little too creamy for my liking.

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