I watched a few clips on Food Tube the night before & immediately craved for pancakes so I made some colourful minis to add some sunshine to the grey: winter is coming. Perfect timing for this craving cause I was stuck at home all-day due to the never ending rain. Can’t really complain though as our summer was extended due to the late arrival of winter this year.

If you’re no fan of traditional size pancakes/toppings like myself then you will love these. Pancake toppings are really endless so experiment with your flavours & create to suit your interest. I’m usually quite creative when it comes to pancakes or breakfast in general, but I decided to really pimp it up this time. I can think of so many more, but here are some of my colourful ideas to help you pimp up your pancake toppings;


  1. Sliced banana & ground flax seed (strawberries & cacao)
  2. Nutella & crushed cashew nuts
  3. Cream cheese spread, mango & chives
  4. Pan fried quail egg & pepper
  5. Peanut butter, avocado & chia seeds
  6. Honey, chia seeds & sliced strawberries
  7. Avocado & sliced banana
  8. Cream cheese, raspberry jam & crushed biscuits
  9. Orange, sliced strawberries & mango
  10. Pepperoni, shredded mozzarella cheese & grilled tomatoes
  11. Sliced banana & maple syrup
  12. Sliced strawberries, maple syrup & ground flax seed (strawberries & cacao)

Pancake Mix: 

       1  1/2  x cup of self raising flour

       1  1/4  x cup of milk

       1 x egg

       25g x melted butter

       1 tsp x sugar

       A pinch of salt

For protein pancakes & other creative homemade ideas check out Positive Health Wellness & get cookin’.




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