I was here at the scenic Champa Island Resort in Nha Trang & I felt the need to go barefoot across this beautiful bridge at the time so you can imagine what that did to my feet. I only knew of this location when my friends orangised our dinner here & I kept returning ever since. I was drawn to the food & the tropical setting from each & every corner of the island.

Despite the heat in Nha Trang, there’s always an excuse to pull out those denim jeans & pairing it up with a chiffon blouse for that basic look. These were my very first pair of ripped jeans which started my obsession for the many distressed denims that I now own. Like the bikini, I love putting together outfits that dictate how I feel; simple, trendy & carefree. Though, defining ‘your style’ can be quite costly, yes? Not always. My daily outfits are not expensive at all as I do not shop based on brands. In fact, I tend to seek the lowest prices so majority of the clothes I own are more than affordable. Additionally, I also love to do little adjustments here & there to my clothing to better suit my style. Overall, I am a huge bargain hunter so I will never buy anything that is full price/expensive unless it is sport wear. However, these were my very first pair of good quality jeans so I made an exception. I got them from Bardot for $59.98 reduced from $139.95, & top from Temt for $7.95 reduced from $25.95. Til now, these jeans are still the most expensive among my denim collection.

Outfit Details 
Top from Temt & Denim from Bardot


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