I’m wearing my PJ’s out, but can you tell.

So this style very much reminds me of the 90’s. I remember my mum use to dress me up this way; strap dresses over t-shirts because I always wanted to wear t-shirts where as my mum always preferred me in dresses. Here, I’m wearing the ‘cami top’ over a t-shirt along with a denim jacket with Boyfriend jeans. A friend of mine gifted me this silk cami top from Peter Alexander which belongs in women’s pajamas, but who says that you can’t wear your PJ’s out. Rhetorical question! Ofcourse, there are going-out cami tops, but I have no interest in shopping for one hence this outfit combo LOl Besides I  have absolutely zero silk tops in my wardrobe so this was the perfect excuse to wear it out.

PS. Don’t ask why I’m looking down all the time, there’s obviously always something interesting on the ground haha

Outfit Details
T-Shirt from Kmart, Cami Top from Peter Alexander, Jacket from Flea Market, Denim Jeans from Glue, Shoes by Novo & Bag by Kardashian Kollection

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