How fur-reezing has this past week been! Even these photographs seem dull considering how pale my skin looks. I really dislike winter; the rain, the cold, the grey &.. yeah winter. That being said, there are three things that I do love in winter; (1) oversized knits (2) knee high boots & (3) icecream. Icecream on colder days doesn’t melt so easily & thus lasts longer which makes it more enjoyable in winter vs summer days. I like to take my time so I can appreciate the taste which is important to me & very irrelevant to you cause you probably don’t care haha Anyways! Oversized knits & knee high boots are a perfect combination for this sweater weather.

This is my winter go-to outfit for them ‘lazy days’ hence the leggings. It’s warm, cosy & remains rather trendy too which is a huge bonus. Since my upper half is completely covered in chunky knits, it’d make sense to style my bottom half with more detail to ensure balance to my overall look. However, I never like to over complicate my look & this was on a very cold day so knee high boots were a no-brainer.

Outfit Details
Knit from Bardot, Leggings from Supre & Shoes by Marco Gianni

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