Summer is around the corner which means that it’s time to tone up those legs.

Many of you have been asking me about ‘my workout routines’ so now I’m sharing exactly that. Keep in mind that this post is not about ‘bulking’, it is simply about toning so do not be afraid to add more weights here & there. Although, this workout is primarily focused on the lower body, these exercises also do wonders for your core & trust me that you will feel it… & if you don’t then you’re not doing it right lOl.

The circuit below is one of my many current routines on how I tone my lower body: gluteus & hamstrings. For warm ups I always start off with an exercise that is guaranteed to speed up my heart rate. This is basically to get me ready & pumped up; physically & mentally for my session. Following from this I would complete 3 exercises at a time before moving on with the next cycle of another 3 exercises before finishing off with a 5-10 minute jog on the treadmill. Don’t forget to stretch before & after exercising to allow your body to become more pliable & thus less prone to injury.

Warm Up
Star Jumps / Jumping Jacks

leg2 minutes

Burpees / Squat Thrusts


3 sets  60 seconds

Barbell Deadlifts


3 sets  10 reps  25 kg

Plank Leg Lifts

3 sets   60 seconds

Try to take minimal breaks until you have completed x3 of the cycle above.

Once completed, take a 1-2 minute break before commencing the following 3 exercises.

Barbell Squats


3 sets 7 reps  60 kg

Two-Arm Kettle Ball Squat Swings


3 sets 14 reps  6 kg

Leg Press


3 sets 8 reps  60 kg

Cool Down


5-10 minutes

For those who are just starting out then I wouldn’t recommend jumping straight into this workout because it will most likely won’t work for you. Though, if you would like me to write a post about recommended workouts for beginners then please leave a comment below & I shall.

Images by WorkoutLabs & Shutterstock

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