Summer vibes continued this weekend & I’m celebrating with neon.
It was 31 degrees in Sydney today so you know what my status was, ‘chillin at the beach’. In fact, I think half of Sydney did the same thing because the traffic to & from our destination was insane, not to mention the overcrowdedness at the beach.

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I mentioned in my earlier posts that I’m often drawn to muted & neutral colours aka play it safe. However, I’m completely opposite when it comes to my beach wardrobe in the sense that I like to own all the colours of the rainbow LOl In other words, I have a tendency to select the most vibrant colours to wear on days like these which is why I’m loving this piece from Ice. Neon,  not particularly everybody’s choice of colour for.. well anything really. I get that the colours can be a little overwhelming for some, but the contrasting trim tones it down a little; it’s like contouring for your body. Besides, we’re talking outdoor activities & time under the sun here so I think it’s reasonably acceptable to want to play with brighter colours? I mean how often do you wear neon colours out really.

If you’re familiar with Triangl swimwear then you’re aware that they are well known for bright colours, bold prints & neoprene fabrics. However, like most swimwear brands they can be incredibly costly which is why I was immediately attracted to this bikini from Ice. It pretty much resembles the design of those from Triangl, but much more affordable as it only cost me $12.00. Those who know me will know that I change bikinis like I change my underwear so I cannot afford to continuously purchase expensive brands, unless there are no other alternatives which is highly unlikely nowadays. Don’t worry about the material being of poor quality because I’ve gone swimming in this bikini (along with other designs from Icenumerous times & it’s never a concern.

Outfit Details
Bikini from Ice Design
Photos by Jeremiah O’Brien

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