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It’s still only spring here in Sydney, but bikini season has already kicked off for most of us including myself so do expect a lot of swim feeds across my social profiles. If temperatures reach 25 degrees sunny or more, you know I will be in my bikini.

I am absolutely obsessed with swimwear & all things off shoulder this season. Total lie right there, since when was ever not obsessed with both? A guy once said to me that my shoulders look very manly in off shoulder tops & I’ve been wearing more off shoulder tops than I ever did since that day haha I got this top from Factorie & did a little DIY to it. Next minute, it’s now a beach cover up. Like I have anything to cover up in that department anyway haha It’s not an area that concerns me. My hips on the other hand though, can that get wider please?! I particularly love string bikini bottoms because they really do make your hips look wider. I know, I know.. ‘why on earth would you want your hips to look wider’ right? Well, we all want what we don’t have & I want my hips to appear wider. If you on the other hand want to draw attention away from your hips then seek solid bikini bottoms with minimal detailing along the sides.

Outfit Details
Bikini from Glassons
Photos by Jeremiah O’Brien

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