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Palms, sunshine & running down to the riptide

Boyfriend jeans (or is it Mom jeans? are they same thing? ..I’ll just call them Boyfriend jeans), they’re really for everyone. Lately, I’ve been on a ripping spree where I have been creating holes in all of my jeans! I’m not talking about little unsure cuts, I’m talking about cuts the size of the ones in this post. I need help haha We’re approaching summer so the trend seems appropriate for the weather, though I have no idea how I’m going to deal when winter arrives again.. clearly have not thought that far ahead yet haha

Boyfriend jeans are without a doubt my favourite type of jeans simply because they go well with anything, if not everything. So easy to style you can’t go wrong regardless of whether you want to dress up or down. I spent the day by the beach of course so I popped on this long sleeve crop for a very casual look. Feeling comfortable & being able to remain trendy is one of the many ‘first world problems’, such a struggle. As much as I love body hugging clothes for obvious reasons such as to show off a lean physique, I’d much prefer something that is more how shall I put this ‘breathable’ & Boyfriend jeans always the answer. They have the opposite function to a pair of skinny jeans whereby they do not glue to your legs & thus provide a more relaxed feeling/look overall as they sit loose & low on your waist. I’m always jumping up & down, running around like a wild child & according to my dad I sit like a man ‘apparently ‘.. so this style makes sense? LOl I got these jeans on sale for $40.00 down from $139.99. If that doesn’t give you an indication of how patient I am as a person, I’m not sure what will haha

Outfit Details
Top by Factorie & Denim by Bardot


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