Inflatable pool toys are perfect for when your hair is on point & you don’t want to get it wet.
.. & for other uses of course, but that’s the most important right Lol.

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A day spent by the pool or at the beach is no longer complete without an inflatable pool toy so excuse me while I laze around under the sun on my giant rainbow unicorn. They’re just so fun, why would you not want one. You must have recognise the availability of inflatable pool toys across most retail stores lately & that is because they are a great trend for this particular summer! Don’t know why there weren’t a huge thing in the past, but it’s about time. They come in all shapes, sizes & colours from all sorts of categories; food, creatures, tropical, you name it! I’ve always loved inflatable pool toys because truth is that I can’t swim haha Shocking isn’t it coming from someone who spends most of her days by the beach. Well, you all learnt something new about me today. Also, I’m a sucker for everything rainbow so this unicorn just ‘blows’ my mind from excitement.

They’re not cheap though as these toys are quite expensive in some stores which is ridiculous if you ask me. Luckily, Kmart also provides a small selection of pool toys at lower prices which you will find a great deal in comparison to other retail prices.

Also, I post a question on my social pages asking you to guess the number of bikinis I now own.
The answer is 35 😁🌈🦄

Outfit Details 
Inflatable from Kmart & Bikini by Cotton On Body



black bikini

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