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Happy Belated Australia Day & Chúc Mừng Năm Mới cả nhà!

As you all know we celebrated Australia Day last week on 26th January followed by Lunar New Year over the weekend so you can imagine how busy that period was for us, including mysef. You know the whole food preparations then continuous feasting & getting food comas, yep which is why I am only posting about it now.

Quite a few of you have been asking me about my background so I thought I’d share a little about myself here with everyone. I was born in Hong Kong, my nationality is Australian & my heritage is Vietnamese. Both of parents are from Northern Vietnam so during my junior years (& even until now) I’d meet people who would mock  me for being ‘North’. As much as I dislike it, I try not to respond to negativity because I mean.. It’s not worth it really. Though, I always do like to put more emphasis on my northern Vietnamese accent just so that if I do come across people who still discriminate then they can distant themselves from me & that way we don’t have to deal with each other LOl.

Anyhoo! I’m incredibly grateful that my parents chose Australia hence to call this country my home because it is a great country. I know that sounds very biased, but.. it is haha I came to Australia when I was four years of age so no, I do not know more than the few basic greetings in Chinese. However, I’ve become more fluent with my Vietnamese over the years, but still slow when it comes to reading. So! to all my Vietnamese followers, please try to keep your sentences as short as possible LOl I struggle so much trying to read your messages that I think I should put together a compilation of each & every time I try to read Vietnamese word-to-word.

I’ve decided not to post any photos/videos from Lunar New Year celebrations on my blog because it’s just too much & I don’t like to cut things out because I’m fair like that LOl! I wish you all had a loving, caring & blessing Lunar New Year. Remember to worry less about money & more about what you already have. If you don’t have much, well then you should care-less.

Who can guess?
I lived in another country for a year after Hong Kong & before moving to Australi
a, what is the name of that country?

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