It’s no surprise that I spend majority of my days at the beach hence I am always exploring new beaches.
I decided to make a list of all the beach hang outs in Sydney instead of just secluded ones so that you too can check them out if you haven’t done so already.


1. Gordons Bay, Coogee

This is the #1 beach that I spend most of the time at purely because it has a very ‘chill out’ atmosphere & perfect for them many dips in the ocean as it is a calm water beach. This place is very ideal for snorkeling activities as the coral life here is amazing. Considering it is a ‘secluded beach’ it does get quite crowded at times, but you’ll always find a spot among the rocks. Also, if you are in need of some fitness motivation then Gordons Bay is the place for that because for some reason the people who hang out here are very fit LOL Strong abs & great booties everywhere, every time.. & now I sound like a pervert. P.S plenty of dogs here for all our dog owners!


2. Parsley Bay Reserve, Vaucluse

Located at the very pointy end of Vaucluse is another great place to simply chill during summer. Unlike Gordons Bay, there is a grass area here so it’s more ideal for picnics or if you’re more interested in a walk-about then there is a short trail through the bush. Unfortunately, the water at Parsley Bay Reserve is not crystal clear & rather muddy in some areas I will add, but it’s still qualified for swimming. Not that I do much swimming anyways because I can’t swim haha. Shocking I know, considering how often I am at the beach which is precisely why I always seek places like these where the water is forever calm.


3. Rose Bay Dog Beach, Sydney

Another calm water, small & not so crowded beach is Rose Bay Dog Beach. No, you will not find a picnic area here, but you can see the Sydney Harbour Bridge from here which is always nice from my point of view (see what I see there LOL ok). Let’s not forget about our furry friends here. I am a dog owner so I will always seek beaches that are dog friendly & this place is a double thumbs up.


4. Marley Beach, Royal National Park

Now this is what I call a real secluded beach because you won’t find many people hanging out here. Marley Beach is not accessible by vehicle; you’re looking at approximately 10.4km hike from Wattamolla Beach & it’s worth the hike. So forget the wedding cake rock, the views you’ll encounter between there & Marley Beach are more worthy of capturing on camera. I don’t think the above photo gives this place much justice as it is beyond beautiful in reality (probably because I used a crappy phone to take the photo).


5. Wattamolla Beach, Royal National Park

A lagoon on one side & ocean waves on the other which isn’t so bad right. There’s plenty of options here for everyone at Wattamolla including bush tracks, picnic area, calm water & waves. Although I do love the atmosphere here, there are a few down sides for me; (1) that the proper track down to the beach site is a bit of a walk in the bush (2) the appearances of large lizards which freaks me out a little, (3) the lagoon water is rather muddy in some areas & (4) you can’t see the beach from the picnic area. Then again, that’s just me cause I am fussy like that as others might find it quite exciting. Also, entry fees are $12 per vehicle.


6. Garie Beach, Royal National Park

The view of the mountains here always make me forget that I am in Australia. I’ve been here numerous times; both weekdays & weekends & I can tell you that it is definitely not a crowded beach. If you love the waves then you’ll love it here as the waves are quite heavy at Garie. However, there is an entry fee of $12 per vehicle.


7. Burning Palms Beach, Royal National Park

I discovered this beach during my hike back from Figure 8 Pools which was so disappointing I did not even bother to take any photos. I immediately fell in love with Burning Palms Beach because the views are so tropical from every corner that it does not feel like you’re in Australia at all. Unfortunately, it’s an effort accessing Burning Palms as it involves a 2km hike down from Otford Lookout car park. Not an issue! It’s the hike back up to the car park that is really going to make you feel as if you’re reliving the struggle of ‘leg days’.


8. Silver Beach, Kurnell

If you have a dog or is a dog lover then this beach is a must-visit. Silver Beach is a dog-friendly, calm water beach with many shades of blue towards the horizon; water is quite clear here. The only downside to this beach is probably the fact that there is limited areas with shade which can be a struggle on heating degree days.


9. Darook Park Beach, Cronulla

Darook Park is one of the perfect spots for watching sunsets by the sea & you know Sydney sunsets arn’t that bad. I can’t recall how many summer evenings I spent here last year, I stopped counting after 6. The water is calm & there is plenty of grass area as there is sand so no matter how busy it gets, you will not struggle to locate a spacious spot away from the crowd. It is a family-friendly beach & parking is never an issue which is a huge bonus if you ask me. Plenty of dogs here also.


10. Bradleys Head, Mosman

The views along Bradleys Head to Chowder Bay walk are very touristy which is always lovely. However, if you follow the path, locate the stairs to head down then you will discover this secluded beach. If you’re looking for some alone time away from the city crowd then Bradleys Head isn’t so bad as very few people hang around here.


11. Tamarama Beach, Sydney

Right next to Bondi Beach is where you will find the scenic Tamarama Beach. The coastal walk along this region is simply eyes opening. There’s plenty of shady areas among the rocks as well as sand area if you prefer to laze around in the sun. Despite the number of visitors, there are plenty of dogs here every time I visit (rock areas) so bring your furry friends!


12. Bronte Beach, Sydney

Now here is a popular one. It’s a rather small beach with an ocean pool & is very ideal for outdoor recreation which are the reasons why I love revisiting. The water here is surprisingly very clear compared to other beaches that I’ve been to. It does get a little crowded during the best days of summer as beaches do & you know I don’t favour overcrowdedness, but this scenic beach will always be an exception. So if you’re in town & want to head down to one of Sydney’s best beaches then I definitely recommend Bronte over the highly overrated Bondi.


13. Coogee Beach, Coogee

Here is the perfect beach for almost every member of the family (unfortunately dogs must be kept on a leash). Coogee Beach is the probably one of the best, if not the best beach for family hang outs I reckon. Majority of our family day-out are held at Coogee Beach because there’s something for everyone. Cafes & restaurants are available here if you ever want a quick bite after a swim or two. You’ll also discover the coastal walk from Coogee to Bondi Beach as there is a clearly marked pathway with ocean views that will not disappoint.


14. Clovelly Beach, Coogee

Another beach that you will find to be highly family-friendly is Clovelly; located right next Gordons Bay. There are concrete platforms & promenades constructed on both sides of the bay including an ocean pool & a Cafe on the southern side of the beach. P.S sorry for this half-a capture as I do not have a clear shot of the beach itself.

So, tell me where I haven’t been & should visit.
P.S I’ll be exploring many more beaches throughout this summer so watch this post as it will be updated regularly.

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