Can you believe there is only less than one month left of summer?! Time really does fly when you’re having fun. I hope you’re all making the most out of this summer, if not then you have some time left so get out there & create some great memories.

I’m a professional beach bum, if you haven’t picked it up already. Whether it be for a social outing, family day, work event or no reason what so ever, I’m always at the beach on a perfect summer’s day. It’s pretty much my go-to place to relax the soul so you might even find me there on grey days. I’ve completely lost count of how many days I’ve spent in a bikini which is one of the reasons why this summer has been the best one yet. Not to mention the number of bikinis I now own, it has definitely increased by large since the last count. I treat bikinis like I do so with underwear; I have many & I change them regularly hence this black piece.

While everyone out there desires smaller hips, I personally want my hips to appear bigger which is why I often seek bikini bottoms that put emphasis on that area of the body. The high cut style bottom is my all time favourite as it accentuates what I already have. They’re great for adding shape to bottoms of all sizes in the sense that it “makes a smaller butt look fuller & gives a larger butt great shape”. Lets not forget about this bandeau top. Apart from all things off-shoulder I am just loving bandeau swimwear this summer. They’re so trendy & gives you the freedom to mix & match so there’s hardly any problemo in changing up your look as it goes well with any swim bottom.

I use to dislike bandeau tops due to the fear that it won’t hold everything in place properly, particularly when swimming &/or other outdoor activities are involved. However, I guess that all depends on the material & design as I’ve had no trouble what so ever with all my bandeau pieces. I’m a small bust girl & highly picky so you can trust me on that one Lol

Border Collie not included.

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Bikini by O’Neill


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