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Summer ended not long ago, but it feels as if we’ve been in the grey since forever which is why this wrap-around bikini is an instant mood lifter. You know I don’t really wear pink, let alone shimmering pink lol. However, this piece had “why not?” written all over it for me. It’s incredibly feminine, flirty & can be worn as a top so in with the rest of my bikini collection you go!

This style top is a great choice to pull what you have together. Just going to put it out there as if it isn’t already obvious; I have small busts so yeah I belong in the less fortunate category. Lets just say I’m like a minus A cup size so I have to shop in the children’s section.. haha I’m kidding! Half kidding.. not kidding. Anyhoo! I ain’t complaining much here because this wrap-around top still works well even for girls like myself. For those with bigger busts? Well then, you’d be doing this piece more justice as it would look far more flattering on you.

Let’s not forget the bottom shall we. I absolutely love banded cut bottoms; they’re just so “cheeky”! & if you haven’t already picked it up, cheeky-is-in!

Outfit Details
Bikini by RE:SET Swimwear & Cover-Up from Top Shop

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