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Hi guys! Just a few late uploads! I took these just before the cold hit Sydney. Gone for a chic look that says “I look like I am ready to hop on your motorbike, but not really cause I am wearing a short skirt”.

Ain’t nothing boring about going head to toe in black here. All black everything is a great fallback when in need of a quick outfit ensemble & it looks good on everybody. You can play with so many textures such as feathers, velvet, leather, silk & so forth. Though, if you feel all black is too boring then spice it up with additional colours here & there in makeup, accessories, laces, embroidery or printed text like what I’ve got going on here with this t-shirt from CK.

Oversized garments styled with a well fitted bottom will give off a very “laid back, not so serious” look which is win-win when it comes to trendy vs comfort if you ask me. With a pair of ripped jeans, it has pretty much been my go-to daily look for sometime now so I thought I’d kick it up a notch by styling this oversized CK T-shirt with a suede skirt, knee high boots, a leather jacket & a matching lace choker.

These boots will accentuate your legs, & who doesn’t want longer looking legs. These knee highs are quite warm (so very warm) that I haven’t gotten the chance to show them off up until now. Pair them with your favourite jeans, shorts or skirts & you’ll end up with a clean, contrasting look against any coloured thigh. I personally dislike knee caps, I think mine are so oogleh! So any excuse to cover them up is a yes-please for me really.

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