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(1). A Trần Bãi Cháy
A Trần Bãi Cháy is a Chinese restaurant, but I can guarantee you that the dishes you’ll find here are very Vietnamese & I mean that in a good way. I had lunch + dinner here & even until now I still find it difficult to pick out one dish that I did not like. However, I do have my favourites which include; jicama (củ sắn) soup (I do recommend you try all the soup dishes if possible LOl), mushroom & veggie stir fry, shellfish, & fish organ salad (I know that does not sound so appetising, but I can assure you that you’ll enjoy it).






(2). Nhà Hàng Phượng Loan 2
I cannot express how much love our group of 6 have for Nhà Hàng Phượng Loan 2 & their sweet owners. If you’re visiting Ha Long Bay & you love your seafood then you got to drop by this multistory seafood restaurant.

Fried, stir-fry, steamed, boiled, oh you name it! I felt like we had the ocean at our table as there were too many dishes to choose from, so what did we do? We had them all of course (well not entirely all, but it sure felt like it haha). You know I love my shellfish so obviously those were a favourite, but I cannot single out a dish that I along with the rest of my group did not enjoy. So really just go ahead & order anything here & you’d be filled with happiness. I think we all felt like we were eating our weight in seafood by the end of this feast, such a wonderful feeling LOL Again, in my life I had felt so disappointed that the human stomach could only fit so much. I want more!!

Note: This restaurant do serve large portions which are ideal for large groups. There were 6 of us, but if you have slightly under then do advise the waiters to cater to your group size. However, if you’re just traveling 1-2 people then I don’t think it’d be wise to dine here due to money vs portion.

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