winterwinterwinterBefore we talk about this post can I briefly mention how insane this Monday’s episode of Game of Thrones was?! What are your thoughts?? I’ve gone into this season with a pre-blown mind so I expect nothing less than ongoing ‘wtf’ throughout this madness of a series. So many questions need to be answered!!
Alright, back to fashion haha.

So this winter, we have had a few grey days, many cold nights, not much rainfall & plenty of sunshine leading up to my birthday this weekend! You call this winter Sydney? Freaking ridiculous, I love it. It feels much like an extended Fall so I’ve added long coats & thin tops to my daily look book for this season.

Beige goes so well against denim, yet again what doesn’t go well with denim right. Creating a frame can make quite an impact on your overall look in terms of contrast & balance against other tones. Here, I’ve chosen black as my frame hence choker x bag x shoes. Additionally, you’ll end up with a little colour coordination thing going on which is always good. Heels for a more sophisticated feel, but you can easily switch to casual with a pair of sneakers. Oh & if it gets a little more cold, pop on a thick scarf & you are set!

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