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Flared sleeves & lace up high heels/sandals is one of this year’s favourite trends, why would you even question it right.

Like catching that wind in your hair, flared sleeves tend to create the prettiest movement. With sleeves like these it means that you can keep jewellery/accessories to a minimum. Top re-adjustments are also kept to a minimum – 0 with this style. There’s so many off shoulder styles, but not all of them stay in place which can be frustrating. I ain’t complaining about this one though; comfortable & no fussy fussy.

On the comfort note, these heels from Novo Shoes make my feet so happy! Sacrificing comfort for fashion use to come easily for me & my feet. I think some of you can relate on that note lol Lace up high heels are a current favourite of mine as they are comfortable, alluring & feminine; they show & yet conceal it all. To me, comfort is such a confident booster so a great pair of heels can do wonders for your day or evening. I’m going overseas again soon & these are definitely going into the luggage.

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