Hope you all had a wonderful & safe start to the new year.
It is always a good idea to reflect on the previous year as well as to note down some realistic resolutions for the new year because you know that no matter what we humans do.. there’s always room for improvement.

Looking Back At

Although it was a great year for me I’m not going to lie & say 2017 was absolutely amazing & puurrfect. I mean lets be real here, 2017 really challenged me in terms of friendship, career & love relationship. I had to really push myself to cope with distant/broken friendships, rejections as a blogger & embracing imperfections when it comes to love. However, every broken moment that I experienced lead to something greater so really it was just another year of failing (probably failed more than ever haha), picking myself up, learning from it & making progress. Also! I got to travel & explore more so that’s always an instant mood lifter. I hope you guys had a fantastic 2017 & thank you again for following my journey, all your kind messages & on-going support. Kiss Kiss Kiss!

So who is physically & mentally ready for 2018!? I got to say that I actually achieved 5 out of 6 of my 2017 resolutions! Pretty great I’d say, hope you all did better. I bet most of you can relate to some of my New Year’s Resolutions for 2018.

1. Reduce

So this was last year’s resolution which I did not achieve because I still road rage. Apparently, my level of road rage isn’t that bad as I’m told. Though, myself feel that it is pretty bad & I’d like to be more calm & patient. Speaking of patience, I got to be more patient in my relationship.

FYI, if you haven’t already picked it up (I mean I’ve left so many little comments & also this person has briefly appeared in several of my snaps here & there on social media), I am with someone! Sucks to be that guy. In fact, I’ve been with this person for a very long time because he’s just great & you’ll be seeing more of him this year. But anyways, so irrelevant so lets move on haha.

2. Be On

I’m usually always on time (before scheduled time even), but for the past year I’ve realised that I am always late. So much was happening in 2017 hence my mind was probably how shall I put this.. a little chaotic? I know it’s not an excuse LOL Sometimes it’s not my fault, but let’s be real.. I was always late & I need to end this.

3. Act More Professional In My

Being a blogger ain’t as easy as it may seem & I really learnt that in 2017. I felt that the more serious I became about my work, the more judgement & rejection I received. You know when people say things repetitively, so much you begin to believe it yourself. I doubted myself so I dropped from being a perfectionist to “whatever, that’ll do”. I wasn’t working as hard as I should have & thus accomplished less than what I could have because I was hesitant. It wasn’t until recently that I felt I just needed to embrace being a blogger as well as to treat everything I do as “work” so that I can perform & complete it professionally. So this year, if I’m at location doing a shoot, I’m going to freaking leave with that shot/s I came for even if it’s going to take 1000 shots!
(Let’s hope it won’t come to that haha).

4. Regift My

If you don’t already know, we bloggers receive many many products & most of the time we don’t use it more than once or twice, well myself speaking anyways unless it’s related to health or beauty. Sometimes I feel like I have a hoarding disorder because I hold onto things I don’t need! I mean, I even have fashion items from before highschool years & clearly somebody out there would show more appreciation for them than I am right now.

5. Gain

Is it really a surprise? I feel like I should eat triple the amount of what I currently eat in order to achieve this haha. Every time I do gain weight, it goes to the wrong places .. like directly to my face. Not cool. So lets gain & maintain an additional 7kg by the end of the year!

6. Travel To A Different

There is no doubt that I visit Vietnam often purely because I have a lot of relatives there plus the street food is great. I think it’s time I travel to a new country each time I travel though? I was very spontaneous last year so lets continue that for 2018. Any recommendations on where to next??

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