Bali Bound, Seminyak

Laid Back

A time for ourselves, finally. An overdue much-needed short break from our current lives. I think we deserve some time to breathe after all that has happened this year.

A few of our mates paid for our flight tickets to Bali as a wedding gift & we’re incredibly grateful for this kind of friendship. The initial destination was supposed to be Greece, but necessary changes had to be made there due to my pregnancy & family circumstances meant that we couldn’t be away from home for too long. Bali was supposed to be a surprise, but one of our mates just couldn’t keep the secret in LOL.

18-19 weeks pregnant here & preggo life means I can’t ride on speedboats, jet skies, go on hikes.. you know all the adventurous activities aka fun stuff. Though, I felt like Daniel & I didn’t get to make the most of our previous summer so the thought of just chilling & laze around by the pool was more than enough for us. As long as I am in a bikini, by the water with a sunny forecast, I am content. You will notice the number of bikinis in this post & that’s because swimwear is like underwear to me, you simply can’t just have one or two.

We stayed in a villa, ASA Bali Luxury Villas which offers a little more privacy than hotels. It was very nice as it did felt like we had our own sanctuary within a sanctuary. Tropical vibes were present here with the green setting; plants & palms along the walkway to our villa which was a tick, tick, tick! It had an outdoor shower which I absolutely loved as it really did promote a sense of freedom/nature.

Not to mention the staff was incredibly welcoming, friendly & helpful which is always a good impression because it can make or break your experience in my opinion. The options available for the daily breakfast buffet were ok, nothing spectacular there. I’m always fussy on food, particularly more so now that I am pregnant. I have been comparing all breakfast buffets to the ones in Vietnam because theirs are insane! They’ve set the standard for me so far & I haven’t been impressed with any others since.

The Hustle & Bustle of

We only spent 8 days in Bali which ended feeling a little extended due to the minimal selection of local food & you know how important food is to me haha. Seminyak literally felt like we were in the heart of Bondi; swamped with tourists, western food menus & souvenirs absolutely everywhere! I mean I knew it was going to be tourists everywhere, but I didn’t expect it to be that-touristy. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely enjoy cafe foods, but when I’m in a foreign country I tend to desire culture & diversity. Would you call this a culture shock though? Well, I was experiencing some sort of shock I can tell you that LOL. We wanted it to feel like an escape, to see Bali, not a more touristy version of Bondi. It just felt like we were back in our home country at first. I will admit that the beach bars were pretty great though.

We ended up hiring a local driver (100IDR/per person for 7hrs) & ventured out to other parts of Bali;
Gianyar, Tabanan, Ubud & Uluwatu.

Outfit Details
Bikinis from Shein

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