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So many comments on/offline describing how wonderful pregnancy is going to be so all I focused on was that. The thought certainly became a little difficult to grow on around 9 weeks as that thing called morning sickness kicked in. It typically at its worst early in the day hence its name, but goddamn it strikes throughout the entire day & sometimes even in the middle of the night.

Not once did I vomit though, just a whole lot of nausea. I get plane sick when there is too much turbulence so for me that morning sickness shiet pretty much felt like plane turbulence on a daily basis. It was challenging, but probably more so for Daniel. Trying to cope with seeing me in that state was a struggle for him haha. We did our own research online on how to tackle morning sickness & tried out a few suggestions, but nothing made an obvious difference. I ended up resorting to medication prescribed by my family doctor which didn’t help either. When it comes to medication, I do not give it a chance at all. If it doesn’t work first go, it’s useless to me so I stopped immediately.


What Seemed To Have


Daniel made me a hot cup of honey/kumquat drink every day which was soothing. I also kept myself hydrated with regular sips of water & was always snacking (no surprises there). I felt the nausea was worst with an empty stomach so I chose to nibble on berries, biscuits, steamed veggies, nuts & grains. These things really helped me with my morning sickness, but it could be different for everyone.


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My appetite changed significantly where things like fried garlic, seafood, soy sauce & spicy food were no longer appetising. I also had to reduce my food portion from my usual 3 large meals (+ additional snacks) a day to having small-as teeny-tiny meals every 2hrs or so to minimise the discomfort of having a full stomach. Although I was always hungry after every meal & wanted to eat more, I just couldn’t fit any more in! It was then that I realised “shiet just got real” haha.


Tiredness &


My baby bump wasn’t showing much or at all at this stage, I was definitely feeling it though. I wanted to maintain my fitness level, but the thought of working out was not exciting anymore. Every time I attempted to workout it felt as if I had not exercised for a whole year or so. Not to mention that I was often exhausted throughout the day so for the first time in my adult life I actually took daytime naps. Daniel made a lot of attempts to keep me in shape & form. I still felt reluctant to exercise, but his enthusiasm & encouragement kept me motivated. We did a few online preggo workouts together which looked like nothing at all, but caused instant exhaustion in me each time. I couldn’t even keep up with low intensity workouts anymore haha.




I started to experience pain in both my back & side of my hips. Instant thought, “YES! Bigger hip YES! I’ve always desired bigger hips so I was hallelujah-ing left, right & centre haha. My excitement for bigger hips didn’t last long though due to increasing pain. Unlike nausea, it didn’t last throughout the entire day. Think of it like twisting your ankle kind of pain along with it being unexpected AF + a combination of dry cry, “AH!” & “WTF!”. Yeah, that seems accurate enough. As a result, my walking speed reduced & suddenly it felt like everyone was on fast-forward whilst I was set/stuck on freaking slow-mo.


At this stage, pregnancy to me was not so “wonderful” as all the mothers make it out to be. In fact, it felt quite the opposite. So um, “yeah..! Pregnancy’s soOo much funnnnn..”

The struggle, to be continued.

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