Gianyar Night Market


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I love watching food being prepared in front of me & that’s exactly what this place offers, an experience of the true aspect of local life.

The Gianyar Night Market was crowded with small stalls selling everything from food/drinks/desserts to live pets, clothing items, fashion accessories & kids stuff at ridiculously cheap prices. We were only there for the food & there were a lot of food stalls, both inside the market area as well as outside on the main road. We discovered a number of dishes here that weren’t available back at Seminyak where we were staying. Unfortunately, I only tasted the soup dishes which was as little as 12,000 IDR. The dry dishes looked ever so tempting! I really wanted to try them, but preggo life means you gotta take extra caution when it comes to eating so it was a no-go zone for me. Didn’t want to risk it so I just stood & stare. Overall, I think that the food was good, but nothing spectacular. Then again it was more of the local experience that we were seeking.



We have spotted a fruit market at last! Didn’t think it would be much of a struggle to locate a fruit market in a tropical country, but you’ll be surprised. Good luck trying to find this kind of variety in the main strip of Seminyak. Barely saw anywhere selling fruits at all apart from the local supermarket & they don’t even have much there. We got some mangoes & peeled jackfruit, gotta always have these when I’m in a tropical country. I also got to try salak (snake fruit) & to be honest I wasn’t a fan of it; crunchy texture & rather bland in flavour.



The Gianyar Night Market opens Mon – Sun from 5pm – 2am.


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