Jatiluwih Rice Field, Tabanan


Jatiluwih Rice Field,


We did a cycling tour in Tabanan with @balibypedals where we got to enjoy the countryside & Balinese culture. The calmness here was quite comforting, such a great experience away from all the hustle & bustle of Bali. 

The tour took us about 2.5 – 3hrs from start to finish. It started off with a short walk in the scenic rice field & the path got a little bumpy after that. So for all the pregnant ladies out there wondering whether/not this was safe? Yeah, you probably want to give this a good miss. I was told that the tour was suitable for pregnant women of the second trimester so of course I was up for it with the assumption it was so. Plus online research advised that riding a bicycle at my stage was also a thumbs up. I was 18 weeks pregnant at the time & I can say that going up/down rocky tracks trying not to fall over was a little um, concerning?!? There were areas along the track where it was quite steep so if you were to walk it/take your time you’d be there in the heat all day. Fortunately, the second half of the tour was more smooth which was a relief.



We got to see the local villages, had fried jackfruit, witnessed a local climbing coconut tree & got to drink fresh coconuts. Did you know they climb an average of 30 trees a day? That’s nuts! What was rewarding was lunch to complete the tour. The food was simple yet ever so satisfying. Not to mention, this was our first meal with actual Balinese food LOl. The food selections offered in Seminyak was very westernised; full of pasta, pizzas, burgers, cafe food.. I love all that is listed, but when I’m in a tropical country? No thank-you.



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