Ubud, The Cultural Heart of Bali


Cultural Center


We took a day trip to Ubud with a local driver which cost us 100,000 IDR/person for 6hr hire. Apart from walking, I think this has got to be one of the best ways to explore/experience Bali. The drivers are ever so friendly & social plus they don’t invade your personal space. If you were to hire a local driver in Vietnam you’re expected to pay for their meals, drinks, tolls, entry fees into wherever you’re going because they will not leave your side. I find this somewhat annoying, especially when the driver isn’t social.

Anyhoo! I find that Ubud is much more green & village style than Seminyak, though equally as crowded I reckon.



We stopped by Warung Babi Guling for lunch on our way to Ubud for that classic Balinese roasted pork dish. The menu here was slightly more costly than your average Balinese dish but still tasty + it comes with soup! Gee, it was difficult to find a traditional soup dish in Bali, it doesn’t exist LOL. We didn’t want to resort to other cuisines, but we ended up having to as we all developed a thirst for soup dishes towards the end of the trip. Despite all the beverages we had it still felt as if we haven’t had water in days haha. 




Have You Ever Seen So Many


I read about & was told that the monkeys from the Monkey Forest in Ubud will most likely jump on you, fiddle & may steal your belongings. Cute, but not a fan of cheeky animals climbing onto my head so no thank you! Although, Daniel & I didn’t enter the Monkey Forest we still got to see them. There were monkeys crossing the streets, climbing trees & rooftops, on the sidewalk, some chilling, some in baby making action.. you name it, you’ll see it. 





Forget the shopping centres, I’ve always been a fan of the markets. We visited a few markets during our visit to Bali. Sale items at all these markets were highly repetitive, but the prices were not so you just got to pull out your bargaining tricks. After visiting Vietnam, I find that bargaining there can be quite confronting as sellers really do put you to the test. It often feels like an attack for me personally haha. I didn’t get that here whereas the sellers don’t push you as much or try to get all up in ya face. In return, you get more personal space which was great because personal space is a big deal, to me haha



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