Third Trimester

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 So here’s our current checklist, just a few more things to tick off & we are set! I’m all about checklists & spreadsheets when it comes to organising & it was a good idea for us to form one otherwise it would probably be a whole lot of unnecessary purchases I reckon

1. Pram ✔
2. Cot & Mattress (gifted) ✔
3. Blankets (gifted ×2) ✔ 
4. Baby Monitor (pending gift)
5. Car Seat ✔
6. Bath Tub ✔
7. Bathing Essentials (gifted) ✔
8. Baby Bouncer
 9. Diapers (gifted) ✔
10. Bibs (gifted ×4) ✔ 
11. Seasonal Clothes (×9) ✔
12. Bodysuits (×12) ✔
13. Beanies (×1) / Mittens (×3) / Socks (×1) ✔
14. Cloths ✔
15. Bottles (gifted ×6) ✔
16. Formula (×1)
17. Play Mat (gifted) ✔
18. Thermometer
19. Breast Pump (purchase after) 
20. Pacifier ✔
21. Crib Bumper (pending) 
22. Changing Table (pending gift)
23. Wet Wipes ✔
24. Bottle Warmer ✔
25. Pillow (pending)
26. Soft Toys (gifted) ✔

The excitement really kicked in when we started shopping for what we thought were the essentials; carseat, pram & cot/mattress. We turned to our experienced friends for a little help prior to purchase which made the process stress free as we knew exactly what we wanted & where from. Although we already have plenty of gifted clothes, it was difficult to deny buying more Lol I really love the adorable bodysuits & onesies with button ups, but figured the ones with the zip would be more handy for quick & easy changing. We all know that process can be a fuss (& messy) so lets sacrifice cuteness for ease here. In terms of diapers, we were gifted a box of newborn diapers very early on & have a feeling that we will be receiving more than enough later on so we’ve made an early decision to not purchase any at this stage. We were fortunate enough to be gifted so many things on our newborn checklist so it feels like we have everything we need. I mean, we won’t know what we’re missing until we need it really.

How I Am

I’m reaching the end of this pregnancy now & I can really feel the stretch. Emotions are all over the place as I am feeling a combination of fear, anxiety, excitement, happiness.. yep. It’s my first time so it’s reasonable to have mixed emotions right? A part of me just can’t wait to meet our baby while the other part of me kind of want this trimester to stretch a little further because I am intolerant to pain. Did I ever mention that I have a blood phobia? It’s ridiculous really. Even a paper cut makes me feel uneasy, let alone the thought of giving birth whereby there will be plenty of blood in sight. Hopefully, it’ll be covered enough to prevent me from seeing any of it.

Changes To My 

Ok, lets talk about stretch marks. Although, my stomach has obviously stretched I haven’t seen any signs of stretch marks & I have a feeling I won’t be getting any. I have noticed a brownish line forming vertically on the center of my abdomen though, however it seems very light vs what I’ve seen on other pregnant ladies. Also, I’ve been told that this will fade away post pregnancy plus I have been using vitamin E oil throughout my pregnancy so I feel like that would have helped in preventing stretch marks. I will give you an update on this post pregnancy.

My baby’s weight came in at approximately 2.5kg at my last/most recent scan. I was told that this was under the normal newborn birth weight of 3.5kg, but still considered healthy so no concerns there. If anything, I was quite relieved to hear that my baby’s a little under weight because labour is going to be difficult enough! With baby being a lot heavier & stronger, movements have become more frequent. She’s much more active now & you can really see it in those kicks! Of course, it’s all exciting & fascinating until it feels as if they’re kicking the organs out of you. That shit ain’t cute, it hurts. In fact, everything seems to hurt here & there now that I have gained that pregnancy weight. I have gained a total of 13kg throughout this pregnancy & with just over a week until my expected due date I don’t think that I will be putting on anymore weight. A little round now, but still feeling very much comfortable & confident with my body shape so I will try to maintain this diet post pregnancy. Do minus the chubby face pleeease! Take that fat & put it somewhere else like into my boobs. Speaking of which, my current bra size no longer fits & that’s a good thing. I’ve gone up by 2 cup sizes & they look/feel great, hallelujah! LOL Now isn’t that every girl’s dream come true to have increased breast size, naturally.

Changes In My Sleep

I was struggling to stay awake at the beginning of my pregnancy, but now I’m struggling to sleep. Not to mention that I’m still getting up two/three times at night to pee, it’s tough to get a good night sleep at this stage. Sleeping positions have become a bit of a challenge also now that my bump is a lot bigger/heavier. I read that sleeping on the on the (left) side improves your baby’s circulation to the heart & allows for the best blood flow to the fetus, uterus, & kidneys which is what I have been doing since the end of second trimester. I usually sleep on the side anyways, but since this pregnancy I have found more comfort in sleeping on my back side. So now that I have to sleep on my side.. it has become very uncomfortable, not to mention having to change positions every now & then throughout the night is such a mission.

My Daily

In my second trimester post I mentioned that I was doing low intensity workouts using 2kg weights. Well, forget 2kg weights cause I’m now struggling to do squats alone. All I want to do is lay down or sit down which is a sign that I should be exercising more lOl. Though, I have made quite an effort to follow the workout below & I’ve been doing it every second day along with walking. I only started this workout at 32 weeks so I’m hoping it’s enough for it to be effective during my labour/delivery. We can only wait & see.. the wait is killing me!

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