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It’s difficult to replicate the comforts of your own home when you’re out with a baby. It was Nova’s first trip to the beach so we had to make a list in advance just to feel prepared. Of course, we wanted to take everything at first; from the high chair to the walker & her whole collection of toys LOl No, no, no can do. You don’t want to over pack, but you also don’t want to miss anything because a fussy baby may lead to no more fun trips to the beach. So I’ve put together a list of  “must have” to help make you & your baby’s first trip to the beach a pleasant one.



1. Swim Diapers

There are reusable ones if that’s what you’re into, but we figured disposable ones just make life a little easier. 


2. Sunscreen 

I personally seek products with SPF 50,  zinc oxide & organic ingredients which means as less toxins as possible for myself so it’s a no brainer when it comes to skin protection for my baby. There are so many options! Spent so much time reading the back of products & I found that a lot of baby sunscreen have more toxins in it than my current adult sunscreen, ironic much. So below are the ones I’m trialing on Nova’s skin at the moment, currently no signs of irritation so good good good. Nova is over 7 months now, but sunscreen on babies under 6 months old is not recommended so that’s a heads up because I wasn’t even aware of that until I did the research. 



3. Shelter

Pop up tents are incredibly convenient! Shelter, shade & just a way to escape from the crowd when your little one needs a break. Trust me, you’d want one that is easy to set up/pack away. We’re pretty happy with our $39.00 pop up tent from BIG W. Good soize & all so yeah, not bahd.


4. Hunger & Hydration

Snacks & water! Sounds like a no brainer to pack water, but sometimes the most obvious are missed. Think about what you’d feed your baby at the beach that will be less of a fuss. Food pouches are so easy & mess free; compact, quick & easy. I made mine using the ones from Target, but if you simply don’t have the time then ready-to-go ones are also available in stores. We also packed some chewing sticks for the ride there/home, but Nova slept like a baby during car rides.


5. Cooler 

You’re going to need one to store all the foods & beverages from going off in heated temperatures. We didn’t bother with a big one, a cooler bag seems most appropriate for these kind of trips.


6. Baby Powder

This is a good one to easily remove the sand from your baby’s body without causing irritation to the skin. 


7. Fun & Games

Ok, you’re not going need the whole toy collection, but a few of your baby’s favourite will do. Your baby is most likely to only play with toys during the car rides there & back so think about that. Unless your child ends up having no interest in sand/water whatsoever then alright then, good luck LOL. Highly doubt it though! They’ll be so fascinated, they won’t loose interest.

Majority of parents I know are allowing their infants access to devices for kid videos, if it works for you then go ahead. We currently have a strict screen time schedule for Nova through the big screen only. We don’t want to introduce viewing on other devices yet, particularly when we’re out as we want her to be more interactive with all things non digital. Personal preference really so just do whatever works for you. Play mats for the outdoors is the way to go for us at present. 


8. Hat 

Your baby’s going to need more than just sunscreen to help protect them from sun rays. I Highly recommend a hat with straps if your baby is at an age where all they wanna do is pull on anything/everything.


9. Towel

Not much to say about this one except to pack it. We also had her face towel with us.


10. Change of Clothes 

This should already be in your travel bag along with other essentials (changing mat, diapers, wet wipes, feeding bottles/utensils, thermos etc), but if not definitely pack a change of clothes. A warmer outfit than the one your baby wears to the beach perhaps, especially if you are considering to spend the entire day there because it’ll be a little cooler towards sundown.


11. Spray Bottle

Fill it up with fresh water, it comes quite in handy. From a quick rinse to get sand off hands/feet & mouth. Kids will put anything & everything in their mouth. I hope you won’t miss it when your baby tries to taste sand, but if you happen to then the spray bottle will minimise the quantity intake by large haha


12. Swimwear

So many cute swimwear in the market right now! I’m particularly drawn to long sleeves for Nova at the moment purely for sun protection. The one she’s wearing is from Cotton On Kids.



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