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ONE full year since the birth of Nova already!
If you think time flies, try having a child Lol Kids grow so fast, too fast. How lucky are we to have the technologies that we do today to enable us to document our baby’s growth & development. I mean you won’t even notice much change until you look back at photos you’ve taken just weeks ago. 

It honestly still feels like I’ve just given birth not long ago. Every milestone is so precious & so is this celebration of the first birthday. Not only are we celebrating the birth of our first child, but also reflecting back on the previous year. Our journey of being newly parents as well as a family of three. Yes to all the challenges, from the wanting to scratch our eyes out to tears of complete happiness for the family we have created. I know a lot of parents who will celebrate their first child’s birthday & then skip the next because they’ve already done so with the first. Personally, I think the first birthday is incredibly significant regardless of how many kids you have. It’s the word in itself “first” which is meant to be special, especially for a child even though they won’t remember a thing from the event. It’s a precious moment in time captured for them to hold on to later in their life & ours. 

I gotta admit Nova has been a pretty good baby to us a part from teething which happens every now & then. Can I just say..I never hated teeth so much in my forking life as I do now. It’s like a switch away from beast mode aka “supernova” whenever teething strikes & it’s a nightmare for all of us. Thankfully, she was not teething on her birthday but she certainly was not having fun. If you remember from my stories, Nova was not a happy baby. She had missed her afternoon nap & with the combination of too many people in her space made her a needy AF baby. Barely anyone got to carry her, she only wanted Daniel or myself which meant little fun for us being hosts Lol Though, on the plus side it meant less likely to catch any sort of whatever from anyone that may have anything that day haha As you know this is the time where coronavirus is getting serious as the term “pandemic” is now apart of the discussion. So it’s in every parent’s instinct to protect their child & we were very much straight forward about the whole hygiene before touching baby thing. It’s strange when you become parents,  suddenly the tiniest of doubt/concern gets magnified, multiplied by ten & then all of a sudden you find yourselves slightly overdoing everything. Though, it was a good thing we had our friends & SOME family members who reassured us that the action was appropriate.


Ok, Let’s Talk

Such a trending theme now & the pricing is forking ridiculous. I’m talking about near $80AUD for a small cake without decorations. Let’s be real, your baby ain’t gonna eat that fancy birthday cake so spend time on other things. We just wanted a cake purely for Nova to enjoy & by “enjoy” we mean she gets to do whatever she wants with it. Nova’s cake was a $6AUD sponge cake from Woolworths. Perfect size for her smash mess that was expected to happen & it actually tasted quite nice. We ended up getting a balloon frame installed because we did not have the time for that kind of DIY. It was the cheapest amongst our list of selections, but still expensive in my opinion. I can’t imagine other people paying the full price for these kind of decorations. Another baby event trend is the dessert table. I hate idea of the typical dessert table with all the little cupcakes/cookies/biscuits/macarons yada yada yada. I just hate everything about it so we agreed to not include one. We still had plenty of food; home made, catering & platters. I’m currently obsessed with grazing tables so I made one myself & also got a grazing platter from which was a huge hit. Clean, pretty & tasty. Good food always put people in a good mood. Mention @wendy.ta for 15% OFF your next order from

I made a picture frame clothes line to display some of Nova’s photos from birth to date using photo bunting kit I got from Kmart for $4.50AUD. I also got large size unicorn balloons for 50c each on sale from Best&Less! Apparently, they cost $5-$10AUD everywhere else. I mean what is the deal here, why do balloons cost this much??

We were suppose to have a jumping castle & our ball pit set up, but the number of kids confirmed were less than five so we scratched those off. More dogs showed up to Nova’s first birthday than children, great turn out kids! haha She did receive plenty of gifts from fam/friends near & far though. Thank you! We are ever so grateful for the continued love you have shared for Nova not only on her first birthday, but throughout her life.



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