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Dressing during pregnancy can be a challenge as your favourite go-tos are no longer optional. I really did miss wearing my fitted denim jeans/skirts at the start of my 1st pregnancy, but I ain’t complaining here in my 2nd. 

Everybody who knows me will tell you how much I love going through pregnancy, especially with my body transformation. I honestly do feel that preggo glow so I love dressing for it which is why my maternity wardrobe has not been a fuss at all. Despite my outfit blogging, I actually don’t do much shopping & when I do the clothing that I buy are dirt cheap. Ain’t that a surprise, surprise. I’ve never purchased clothing at full price cause why should I & why should you.

To tell you the truth, about 90% of the clothes I buy are around $10.00AUD. So yeah, all these dresses from Boohoo are about there or even less. So stylish, comfortable & not to mention extremely affordable AF which is why I’ve listed them as my fave maternity picks. Whether you are dressing up or keeping it casual, it’s just so easy to style. Loosely fitted to compliment your body shape so you can show off that bump girrrrl. Also, you’re not gonna need to buy a new one each trimester because they simply grow with your bump/body. So good, I’ve even worn them out of pregnancy as well. Should’ve got one in every colour really.


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