First of all, thank you to everyone who’s shared in on our excitement since our big announcement. We had been keeping this bub a secret for over 2 months before we told our closest family, friends & then you guys! Covid, isolation, winter & all the lounge wear made it quite easy to cover up this news hence I didn’t have to show my growing belly as much.

Just like Nova, this bub was very much planned. I chose a date, I knew I was going to be pregnant that day & according to my dating scan I was correct. True story, it’s exactly what happened. No joke haha I’ve been asked so often about this, “how did/do you know?”. I don’t want to get TMI here because it may be a little too much as I’ve been told so let’s put it this way.. You know that feeling when you meet someone you’re certain that you’re going to marry someday & then you get asked “how do you know they’re the one?”. Sometimes you just can’t find the exact words to describe the feeling/s so that it’s universally understood, but you just know & only you know. It’s like that. Except I can clearly put this into words, but as I said.. too TMI haha

I want our children to have close birthdays so I strategically planned this pregnancy‘s due date to be close to Nova’s birthday (2 weeks after to be exact). Since Daniel & I already plan to have a big family I just prefer to celebrate their birthdays all combined in one event. This way if we go all out, we do it in one go rather than having to organise & redoing it again, again, again for every year that they wish to have a children’s birthday party. The thought of having to live up to the standard of the previous child’s birthday party to avoid the other/s from getting competitive with their siblings or upset with us (which means holding multiple children’s party throughout the year) is a no go zone for us. Sounds exhausting already. Ain’t no parent got time for that kinda shh, well not us anyway. Besides, I feel that it’ll be a good growing up experience for our children in the sense that (hopefully) they’ll learn to share the spotlight & everything else that comes with it; the gifts, the love/attention, joy etc. They might hate it really, but hey they’re gonna be siblings, they’re gonna have to learn to share everything are they not. Yep, it’s definitely me thinking ahead, but I’m a mum now. I don’t just think ahead, I think ahead of ahead LOL


No gender surprises for us with baby nº2, we already know. With restrictions surrounding this crazy year of covid19, we figured we better skip the whole gender reveal event. We found out the gender at 10 weeks & told our closest friends & family a week later.

So what’s the gender? This question has got to be the most frequently asked now. Considering the number of times I’ve had to dodge the bullet when being asked about our bub’s gender, I’m getting quite good at it now. We’re not revealing anything anytime soon so you’ll just have to hang in there for all the hints I’ll be slipping into my stories.

Do we want a boy/girl this time? Well, I certainly want a boy now that we already have our first baby girl. Daniel is happy with either, but he much prefer girls because he thinks that “boys can be assholes” LOl I honestly believe boys are lower maintenance & worry vs girls, but Daniel thinks otherwise because apparently I’m a low maintenance girl in his eyes. Well, if our children turn out to be non heavy spenders, have no interest for designer brands or shopping then great! If not then just wait until we have bins filled with feminine hygiene products & a mountain of high heels/hand bags/makeup everywhere.. he’ll know then LOL


We’ve already decided on our baby’s name & we did so very early on too. Like “Nova” which is shorten for “supernova”, the name we’ve chosen for baby nº2 is also astronomy related. Let the guessing game begin because that’s all I’m sharing folks.


So different to my first pregnancy! The duration of my morning sickness, my body shape & cravings are not the same at all.


Very light morning sickness for 2 weeks
Bump became visible around 23 weeks
Developed a craving for caffeine, bubble milk tea, fast food & beef noodle soup (phở)
Loss of appetite for my favourite seafoods & Laos papaya salad


Severe morning sickness with nausea x vomiting (4 times) for 2 months
Bump became visible around 14 weeks
No cravings for caffeine nor phở
Craving all things citrus, seafood & Laos papaya salad

I had a natural birth for my first pregnancy & it was a pain in the *&^#%! so I think I deserve epidural for my second haha They say that your second is easier when it comes to delivery, but then again they also say that with plenty of exercise your labour would be a breeze which was not the case for me so fork that shh! I take my own advice from now.

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