For my first pregnancy my mum handed me some of her maternity dresses that she had kept all these years. I knew she meant well even when she was offering to “update” my pregnancy wardrobe with tent-like dresses, but the last thing I wanted then & now is to look like a whale throughout my pregnancy. Not to mention the unusual colour combinations of these dresses. I’d be a walking forest if worn really & I definitely did not want that kind of “glow”. The funny thing was when I offered them back to her she quickly refused, “I wouldn’t wear this, only pregnant women would wear this”. That bugged me. It made me feel like I’m suppose to dress differently now. I ain’t changing. Why should I sacrifice my own personal style for boring “maternity clothes” just because I’m expecting. Why should anyone.

Just gonna keep styling my own way through 9 months of continual change.

I find myself experimenting more with fashion during my pregnancies. I’ve always had a slim body shape, but I much prefer curves which is why I really love my pregnancy body. Now that I have more curves, I just want to show it off really. Dressing the bump has not been a fuss at all. I use to miss wearing fitted denim jeans/skirts, but honestly when you’re pregnant all you want to do is wear dresses & it’s so easy to style! This time around I’ve been really drawn to basic colours & neutral tones. Now that my bump is more visible, it’s a matter of embracing it instead of hiding it under oversized clothes. So here’s a little inspo for your basic, but not boring look. You don’t even have to be pregnant to wear these outfits. I’ve worn these outfits before & after my last pregnancy so I wouldn’t even mark these as my pregnancy wardrobe staples, they’re for the every girl.



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