There were so few of you who guessed girl this time around, guess you were all hoping for a boy like I was Lol Nonetheless, still super excited to welcome our second baby girl into our family!

As I mentioned in my “Pregnancy with Baby Nº2” post, this bub was very much planned. I’ve always like the idea of our children sharing close birthdays to each other so I strategically chose my expected date of delivery (EDD) for baby noº2. My instinct told me we were having another girl, but considering this pregnancy being so different in terms of cravings, body shape & duration of my morning sickness I was hoping that just maybe it’d be a boy this time Lol I guess it’s true what they say then, “every pregnancy is different”


Like “Nova” which is shorten for “supernova”, the name “Lunais also astronomy related. We decided on our baby’s name quite fast & by “we” I mean Daniel. Daniel & I have this agreement where he gets to name all our girls whereas I get to name our boys. So yes, he got to decide the name of our child once again & he’s over the “moon” about it. Though, I did come up with this one so that’s gotta count right. I’ve already decided on the names of our boys, maybe I’ll get to name our third child.

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