Step 1) Neutrogena Eye Make-Up Remover for my eyes
Step 2) Neutrogena Make-Up Remover Cleansing Wipes for the rest of my face
Step 3) Rinse with water to remove any residue before applying other products


I use a beauty face mask once a week & clay mask twice a week for that extra skin pamper session. I normally use a face mask the night before an event & a clay mask purely for the purpose of cleansing & rejuvenating the skin.

“Clay masks are remarkable at pulling sebum, dirt & possible bacteria from the skin pores”, Alitura. I use Sand & Sky Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask to unclog pores & detoxify my skin. Just like taking a shower, you’ll feel the satisfaction. Though, this may not work for everyone. There is a correct way to use a clay mask so if you’re not doing it right then you could actually do more damage than good to your skin. Here’s what to look out for;

1) Don’t leave it on for too long

When you see it drying out, but still a little sticky then that’s time to rinse off. Don’t assume that the longer you leave it on = the better it is for your skin. That shh will suck the life out of your skin & may probably rip some skin off to take with it too. If you’re using a peel-off one? When removing the mask becomes painful rather than satisfying then it’s a big sign it ain’t working. I speak purely from experience LOL

2) The mask makes your skin appear red & irritated

Your skin can have a negative reaction to an ingredient/s in the mask so no matter how good the rating for it may be, best to avoid using it if this is the case for you. Products with parfum/fragrance are usually a deal breaker for me, but Sand & Sky Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask is an exception as I haven’t experienced any issues with it.

3) Your skin feels tight after removing the mask

Don’t mistaken this for that satisfying-clean feeling. There is a difference between skin feeling firm vs tight. If your skin feels tight after using a mask then something’s wrong. Some ingredients used in clay masks can be too aggressive for certain skin types which will dry out the skin & thus making it feel tight. Look for something that’s less drying to prevent further breakouts & or potential skin damage.


I think of serums like superfoods, it’s the good stuff. Serums help with locking in moisture so it’s best to use it before layering products. My all-time fave is Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum, it has a high level of hyaluronic acid which does wonders for your skin! I always look for products with this ingredient.

I started using Skin Physics Advanced Superlift Serum for over a month now & loving the feel/look good results as well. Another anti-ageing product that contains hyaluronic acid so tick tick tick! It’s much thicker than your usual serum, but with lesser amount product is still well distributed & absorbs quicker too I feel. My skin feels firm & youthful.


I don’t go a day without moisturising my face. Been using Sukin Super Greens Nutrient Facial Moisturiser twice daily since forever. I always moisturise before applying makeup to hydrate the skin as well as to settle makeup products otherwise it’ll just appear cakey making the skin feel dry & unhealthy. I’ve use a number of eye creams & have never been satisfied with results until Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Crème, it does help reduce dark circles. Dark circles are one of my greatest insecurities so having an effective eye cream really boosts my confidence. The skin around your eyes is “more fragile, prone to dryness, & quicker to show age & fatigue. Squinting and constant movement of the eyes also hasten the appearance of lines and wrinkles.” Eye creams can address some of these issues.

Face Rollerromantic-font

The final feel good step to my evening routine is using a face roller, it’s like a mini facial massage. I store mine in the fridge for an extra oomph cool factor. TBH I was real skeptical with the hype over face rollers at first, but now I’m all for it. It’s worth it! Using a face roller improves blood circulation & lymphatic drainage in the face, & decreases puffiness which can make your skin look brighter & feel firmer. It did not take long for me to see results with this one, love it!


I never leave the house without applying sunscreen. A vital step to prevent accumulating skin damage from everyday UV rays. The sun doesn’t need to be shinning for you to be exposed to harmful UV rays so slip, slop, slap that sunscreen on to protect your skin. I use Neutrogena Sheer Zinc Face Sunscreen Lotion for days without foundation as it’s thick (dry-touch) & not ideal for layering products after application. For days where I am using foundation I’d use Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Clear Face Sunscreen Liquid Lotion for a smoother blend.



I wash my pillowcases once – twice a week not only for my skin, but also my hair & hygiene purposes. Your pillowcase has a build up of oils, dirt & sweat from daily use. This means that they can harbor bacteria & cause allergies to your skin (& even damage your hair). If this isn’t a habit of yours, make it so.

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