Self + Oral Care

Toothpaste & brush because I most likely will be spending a night at the hospital. They’re quite strict on visitor numbers & hours now due to covid, only 2 visitors are allowed at a time (infants are included as 1 visitor). So this time I’m not packing my makeup bag since I won’t be seeing anyone. Gotta have my moisrturiser, spf products & hair tie with me at all times though. 

Comfy + Cosy

You’re going to want to wear something comfortable so PJ’s for hospital stay & tracksuit for my going home outfit. It can get cold at the hospital hence a robe & socks come real handy. In terms of actual delivery, I think I’m just going to wear my satin slip night dress.

Prepared Mum

The hospital will provide you with sanitary pads, but I much prefer wearing the women’s disposable absorbent undies due to better comfort, convenience & hygiene. I’m going to try to speed up my breast milk production this time which is why I’ve packed my breast pump (+ nursing bra/pads) to pump even whenever I get the chance to. Also packed nipple cream just incase my nipples become sore or blistered (like the first time) from breastfeeding.


The hospital will supply nappies, blankets, singlets, cloths & towels so I really don’t feel the need to bring my own for bub. Just packed zip through onesies x2 with cuff fold over mittens + footmuffs & beanie.

Other Essentials

You don’t need much documents unless you’re going private which is not the case with us here. Just need my antenatal card for checking in & phone charger.

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