My toddler’s gotta list of foods that she refuses to eat & it’s multiplying LOl

Nova has become quite picky which has lead to meal times being dragged out as her preference determines how quickly she will finish meals. It varies from 10mins to 1hr. A whole forking hour, who has the patience for that. No, not me, not I. If she doesn’t like something, she would store it in her mouth for as long as possible which makes it incredibly stressful for us being parents. People are wishing for holidays on a resort island & here we just want our kid to swallow her goddamn food! LOl

It’s completely understandable though right. Your toddler is not going to love everything they try, we just need to accept it because it’s normal. But hey, there’s no harm in tricking them into consuming it for nutritional benefits though. Nova’s got a short list of favourites that she’d be more than happy to stuff her face in. However, she simply does not like the texture of many proteins & her list of fruit/veggies that she’s disinterested in seems to be multiplying. I now just hide them in her food by;

Cutting them up more finely
○ Juicing
○ Add & mix in with her other favourites
○ Freeze fruits (become sorbet like texture)

Surprisingly, she has been willingly eating these dishes which include things that she normally would refuse. Give these a try & let me know how you go with your toddler. I’d love to try your recipes also so let me know if you have any suggestions.


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