My first became incredibly attached to me & thus sharing the feeding was not optional as she was dependent on me & me only. It was exhausting. However, feedings have been quite fuss-free with my second as we’re now able to share feedings not only between Daniel & myself, but with other caregivers also including fam/friends. Just like that, the load has been lifted! It has really created more balance in childcare duties.


Luna always tend to fall asleep or get distracted during breastfeeding which drags out the feeding time. I feel like she would often not finish & thus get hungry faster due to dissatisfaction from her previous breastfeeding session which then interferes with tracking her intakes. I use to be fine with this, but I’m a mum of two now & I ain’t got no time for that lOl Whenever I wake up to breastfeed Luna in the middle of the night (because I’m lazy to get up & out to heat up the bottle), it’s instant regret because she drinks much faster from the bottle.


If you are having some issues with your supply, get pumpin’ girl. I know it can be incredibly demotivating when you can only pump out 30ml or less, but don’t let that fool you. Keep up with the pumping sessions cause I guarantee that the supply will increase. This is real talk from personal experience. Some people choose to pump after each breastfeeding session, but I find that pumping before sessions works better for me. The pump can only do so much, your bub is the one who can completely empty out & this is important in increasing your milk supply. Of course, there are days where I get lazy to pump & I’ve noticed a great difference between my supply. It’s always lower on days where I don’t pump. You gotta do both.