Feeling like this right now! In the same mood as when I was pregnant with Luna, we’re over the moon.

We purchased our very first property back in 2014, our second in 2015 & now our third in 2021. Unlike the first two, this purchase is not for investment. It’s gonna be our home! We didn’t even personally inspect it. I can sense your level of concern right now LOl This isn’t the first time we’ve purchased a property without a personal inspection so we’re familiar with the process; nothing new. Also, since we’re still so very happy now with our decisions then, it has made our recent purchase an easy one. I’ll share more on our property once we move in so stay tuned.

 I can’t believe it, but we’re about to become Queenslanders. If you asked us a couple of yrs back whether or not we would consider moving to another state we would straight up answer no. So why the sudden change?



We really wanted to buy a home in Sydney once upon a time ago, but property prices just continue to surge here. Sure, we can certainly buy into it, but knowing that we have a huge mortgage to pay off is not the way we want to “live”. Let me paint a picture for you. If we want a home by the beach then we’re looking at a couple of mils for a property that needs work on with minimal – no land at all. Then you have prices starting from 850k+ for an old house with decent land + location out South-West. It’s all too much work & mulla! There’s always the take it easy & pay it off slowly, but then when will the property actually become “ours” rather than the “banks”?? I guess this is recognised as the norm for everyone because we keep hearing “that’s how you’re suppose to do it, everyone does it this way, you have to”, but we don’t want a lifestyle where there’s a huge mortgage on our shoulders or even worst, the possibility of having to pass it down to our kids because we can’t pay it off in time. We certainly do not want that life for ourselves nor our kids so no thank you! I don’t know about you, but when I leave my child with a property I want them to have it without the struggle of having to pay it off.



Life in QLD is relatively cheaper than Sydney for sure, well everything that we need anyways.



I want to live in a cosmopolitan city without the feeling of being pressured by the environment as well as people around me & I sense that I can achieve that in QLD. It just seems far more relaxed there; people are going at their own pace whereas Sydney feels so rushed. I used to work with people who work as if there isn’t enough hours in a day & I can’t help but to adopt to it. I no longer work in an office, but I still hear about it. There’s always the struggle of not being paid enough for working overtime, but you gotta work overtime otherwise shh don’t get done. The whole “I hate my job, but I can’t quit cause I have bills to pay” is still trending. I’m all for trends, but I’ve quit this one a while ago. I’m over it. We’re over it. TBH it’s one of the best decisions we’ve made really.



My birthday may fall in winter here in Sydney, but I was born in Hong Kong & it’s summer there in July. So you see I’m a summers baby & I’ll always be chasing the sun. Ultimately, QLD is almost always a good deal warmer than NSW so that’s another win.



Neither of our work will be affected by this relocation so the move is a no brainer.

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