Intraceuticals Rejuvenate 3 Step Layering Set is hands down my new favourite thing for my skin right now. You know that I’m obsessed with serums & hyaluronic acid, almost all the beauty products I own have hyaluronic acid so this was really just love at first use for me & my skin. Hyaluronic acid “creates an exceptional hydration base as well as providing an effective delivery system for anti-ageing”. I don’t know about you, but anti-ageing is key right now, if not always have been key! I’ve been using these daily morning & night & I can really feel the tingle after application. Safe to say my skin looks great too. 



Freezeframe’s Revitaleyes is clinically proven to reduce wrinkles by up to 70% in just 2 weeks with dramatic results on dark circles & puffiness in the same period. Um, where have you been all my life. Always skeptical when it comes to eye creams that claim to “reduce dark circles” in yada yada period, but Daniel & I have been using this product for a month now & can honestly say I see the difference. My layer of concealer for under eyes use to be a heavy application, now reduced to a thin layer only. Daniel has not been using it consistently vs myself so his results are not as dramatic, but still visible. We’re still able to see the difference vs before. It also has 3 peptides + vitamin C & hyaluronic acid, yep take my money!


GLOW MISTromantic-font

I’ve never used a face mist before so I never knew what my skin was missing out on until now. Another product that has hyaluronic acid, vitamin C + organic botanicals. Nutra Organics Glow Mist is deeply hydrating, literally been spraying it on my face throughout the day, daily. Instant glow & so refreshing. Can say I’m very much into face mists now.


Ok, lets get down to rapid lift business. Manuka Doctor’s Illusionist Rapid Lift Mask needs to be gifted to someone this Christmas! In just 10 minutes, skin is plumped, smoothed & feels firmer. Been using this once a week, my skin loves me.

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