Feeling adult AF because we bought our home! We finally have a place where we can call our very own home. This has created a new chapter for our girls & us as a family. Just feels like we’ve contributed to them as parents. Like not just buying them a fancy toy, but a home & in future will be their very own investment property.



 What? No mortgage? Paid off your home? Did it legally? Oh yes we did it baby!

This is going up as one of our greatest life achievements & we achieved it together as a couple. We once thought buying a property was a huge deal, but forget that because anyone can buy a property. To be able to pay it off as quickly as we did? Get out, I gotta pinch myself still. We can now proudly say that we are officially “home owners” because we actually “own” the property (not the bank). It feels damn good. You’re thinking “they’re doing drugs, typical” LOl I’m not offended, I’d probably think that too. I guess you can say we cheated in the race, but not like that. Want to know our secret? It all started a few years ago when Daniel & I both made the decision to leave the corporate life & thus quit the rat race altogether. We wanted to take a different approach to creating our own income & it turned out to be one of the best decisions we’ve made together leading to our current lifestyle. Like every toxic relationship, you won’t realise you’re in one until you leave. That was us with our “9-5” corporate jobs. Not gonna lie, it was not sunshine & rainbows after quitting our jobs. We struggled for a while then. Life was tough for us, but luckily only for a short period. Basically like “started from the bottom, now we’re here”. No regrets though, only wished we had done it earlier. I don’t think we would’ve been able to accomplish this this early in our lives if we were to continue following the structured pattern that society has painted for us. Not telling you to quit your job, everybody’s life is different with different circumstances. Just wanted to share that that was what we did. So don’t get the wrong idea, our morals & ethics are far too strong for us to do anything dodgy or illegal so don’t even go there. We have kids as well & we’re very strict on being the best role models we can be for them (& to ourselves) which means nothing against the law.



I’ve received countless gifts in exchange for exposure across my social platforms aka created content for free. I think I’ve spent far too long being undervalued by brands & local businesses so it was nice to finally be the one to charge higher rates & reject collaborations where I felt was not for me rather than just “do it for the freebies”. I wanted to remain genuine to myself & you guys.. my viewers/readers which is why I’ve been more active on stories so you guys can tune in to my present & ever changing lifestyle. There’s just something about motherhood that just gives me the.. “I deserve better, I’m gonna get better, you can accept, decline or just fork right off” attitude. For the number of times I’ve been rejected by brands I’ve now probably rejected just as many.  So hello 2022! I come in copyright (& peace) + updated rates.



Back in June, Daniel was offered work interstate where he almost refused. Separation anxiety kicked in for him & he didn’t want to leave us. I encouraged him to just go for it because it was really one of those “no brainer” kind of offers where you’d be silly not to accept. For some reason, not once did I thought I’d struggle to care for the girls on my own. I just saw it as a great opportunity for us & we both needed to do what we had to as adults & as parents. I mean, we’ve been through shhh together on our own so this was nothing compare to past events. My mind set while Daniel was away was pretty much.. “if I don’t do it, no one else will” which got me through caring for a toddler & newborn without childcare or help from my parents due to covid restrictions. Surprisingly, the girls did not drive me crazy & exhaustion wasn’t triggered. We followed a daily scheduled I set out & it worked well. Could easily do it again, but we just missed each other too much. Yes, 13yrs together, married with 2 kids & we’re still lovey dovey like that. Fun fact: Daniel & I have seen eachother almost every single day since we got together 13yrs ago. The longest we’ve gone without seeing each other was 2weeks back in 2012 & this one here.



Just given birth, then had to care for a newborn & toddler at the same time without any childcare or help. Who does this nowadays. I don’t know who we are sometimes, I just know we are independent AF. There were increasing number of covid cases in our local areas so we didn’t wanted to risk Nova going to childcare, getting sick then potentially passing it onto Luna & our parents yada yada.. so we withdrew her attendance for awhile. No visitors as well so no more short drop offs at my parents. Months later we approached our settlement date & before you know it our relocation plans were in action so we had to withdraw her enrollment entirely.



Sensitive topic this one. I went through anxiety shortly after giving birth to Luna & it affected me it quite a bit. Hit me like a hail storm; unexpected, painful & ongoing.. I was not in a good place. At first, I did consider resorting to medication but covid kind of saved me from going there. Everyone hated the covid restrictions at the time, but considering the state I was in I was thankful that restrictions were in place because it meant I could finally have my personal space to breathe at a normal pace again. It helped me cope & eventually overcome my anxiety without relying on medication. Don’t want to go into further details so lets just leave it at that. I’m now perfectly healthy at present.



Decluttering never felt so good, why have I not done this earlier! Packing for the move has got me into sorting out what I need & love vs what needs to be gone. I’ve finally gotten around to donating as well as selling many of my preloved clothes/shoes/accessories/electronics + devices etc.. Donated 4 x 50 litre bags of clothes/shoes/toys & I think I’ve sold over $4k worth of stuff we don’t use or need before moving to QLD. It doesn’t end there, still more that’s in need of a second life.



Alright, real talk. I have not been working out as much as I’d like to, but at least I have gotten back into it. Am doing some fitness here & there rather than giving up on it entirely. I still squeeze in some proper workout sessions when I must to maintain good health & to keep up with our toddler. You don’t realise how unfit you are until you have kids. Daniel & I thought we were pretty fit, but try keeping up with a toddler. Nova is like a Rafa (border collie on double steroids).



Hallelujah, these babies (boobies) are no longer open for business! We don’t usually celebrate when a business closes down, but this one’s different. I breastfed Nova for almost 9months so 10months of breastfeeding Luna has been a stretch. The weaning process with Luna was much easier than it was with Nova, definitely due to experience. Finally, more time for other things now. Though, I gotta admit I do miss my breastfeeding cup size. The balloons have deflated & I feel even more flat than before pregnancy. What the fork. I’m sorry, but for all the hard work us mums do on daily basis I think we deserve to keep our breastfeeding breasts even after breastfeeding, am I wrong. Cruel. So I said to Daniel that “it’s time for another pregnancy or boob job”, he can decide hahah

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