I can finally say that my pregnancy stretch marks are now a thing of the past. It has faded so much, you can barely even notice it.

I’ve only been using my usual body moisturiser & baby oil (vitamin E). I wasn’t that consistent with application so it was not a daily thing, but I guess I didn’t need to. Feelin’ like Christmas baby because those loose skin have tightened as well!

I bet you think I work out often. Well, I do here & there but let me be honest.. I’ve only been working out properly once – twice a week in the recent months. When I say “properly” I mean full focus in our gym room without any distractions. I wish I could pull myself to do more sessions, but covid has not been easy on me or any of us for that matter. Nova has stopped childcare since June due to increased number of local covid cases so we have had to care for a newborn & toddler all day every day by our lonesome. I’m surprised I still have hair left LOL I’m gonna give myself major credit for being a strong, kickass mum for doing what I do. So you can imagine the time I have for myself, none. Ok, they do nap.. but that time is spent speed cooking & cleaning so by the time I am almost done with house chores the girls are up & active AF again. Realistically, my daily “lifting” exercise involves carrying Luna who is about 10kg or more & basically doing squats/lunges around the house from reaching/picking up shhh off the floor whilst carrying her. So yeah, welcome to “being a mum of two”.

 I just love how my body has been taking care of business without me having to step in as much. I loved my pregnancy body & although I was quite insecure with stretch marks after my second delivery at first, I’m back to myself again. Feeling happy & confident, absolutely loving my current body, shape & weight. I know feeling comfortable with your mum body is a tough thing, quite self challenging for most of us. Hang in there mums! Nobody else can do what you do on a daily basis so you wake up strong & be more confident with yourself because you are the role model for your children.

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