I’ve always been extremely skeptical when it comes to brows & anything clinical related + in a foreign country, but finally decided to give it go because I just really wanted to prioritise time & thus save time when doing my makeup. I have to admit I was very nervous at first, but the procedure was painless, comfortable & it only took over an hour altogether.

I thought it’d be quite dark for the first few days, but it was actually lighter than expected which made it look immediately natural from day 1. There was a slight tint of pinkness, you can’t tell.

It’s one of those things where you just got to trust the process. I didn’t want the whole deciding on which brow shape will suit my face to overwhelm me & the aesthetician (I’m not sure if this is the correct title but I’m just gonna go ahead & use it) helped a lot. She basically just drew the shape on using a brow shaping tool & asked if I was satisfied to go forward. If I wasn’t she’d draw another shape until I’m happy I guess. Numbing cream was applied at the beginning which was why I felt no pain. No post procedure pain or swollenness either. I have oily skin & was told that it would last up to 2yrs. Wow.. I honestly thought only a few months. The best thing is that it looks natural & has saved me sooooo much time. I don’t even touch my eyebrows anymore, not even touch up. Nothing! It’s great.

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