1. Forget Valentine’s Day

Daniel & I have been together for almost half of our lives & we both agree that Valentine’s day is corrupted & overrated AF, we don’t celebrate it anymore. The social pressure it has on couples vs singles is quite toxic so we removed ourselves from that race. Self love shouldn’t be forgotten nor replaced by forced ideas of romance so forget the standards set by this day & just focus on yourself like every other day.

2. Take A Day Off Work

Take it off, just take it off. You’ve been working far too hard for your salary anyways, you deserve a day to yourself.

3. Take Time Out From Social Media

Social media’s gonna blow up in your face with love posts so it’s probably a good idea to avoid these love triggers if you don’t want to spoil the good mood you have going on.

4. At Home Spa

A hot bubble bath, body scrub, face mask, tea time, reading time.. any or all of the above will guarantee to get you to unwind & straight into relaxation.

5. Spoil Yourself Cause Why Not

I don’t know about you, but it’s nice to spoil yourself. I like that feeling that goes like.. “I make my own money, I like it, I buy it, I want it, I have it, don’t need you, I got it”. I’m not much of a shopper, but that mood hits whenever I see a good purchase.

6. Treat Yourself To A Nice Meal

If you’re more comfortable at home, order your favourites! But don’t be afraid to eat out alone either. I’ve eaten at restaurants by myself countless times & have been judged by “friends” I used to have. I never gave a fork & lets be honest.. true friends wouldn’t make you feel bad about being yourself (ditch them, you won’t miss them).

Sure, eating alone may look like you’re lonely to certain others but try to be a little more comfortable & confident with yourself cause everyone else is a stranger anyways; they don’t know you, they don’t care about you. A little confidence goes a happy way.

7. Gifting Others

Giving without expecting anything in return.. yeah this one’s probably not for everyone LOl I personally love doing it though. It should always feel good to make someone else’s day even when you don’t get anything in return (good people often return the favour in one way or another though), but if it doesnt.. then don’t. Simple.

8. Watch Your All-Time Favourite Movie Or Do A Movie Marathon

Select an all-time feel good movie/s, prepare some snacks & be ready to get comfortable.

9. Try Something New

Is there a recipe you’ve been meaning to try out? A book someone recommended? A new sport? A different workout class? Do it.

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